Giant Cinema Review – Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

You may have found out about Giant Cinema through a friend, a family member or a Craigslist posting and are wondering if Giant Cinema is a scam or a legitimate way to make an income. I know what you’re thinking, “Here is another example of an affiliate writing a review article. There is no way that this will be an honest review on Giant Cinema!” Continue reading and you will be surprised.

I came across Giant Cinema through Craigslist. My fist impression was this is way too good to be true. The website is not impressive to say the least and why in the world would a person register for a streaming media platform that hasn’t been released or promote the service for that matter when there is no back end system to keep track of results? I would be lying if my first impression was “Giant Cinema?!”, how about “Giant Cinema Scam!”

Giant Cinema ShortcutI don’t know why but I did something I never do when the word “scam” jumps into my mind. I created a shortcut to on my desktop. Each day I would use my laptop and before getting onto the internet the shortcut was right there. I started clicking through on the short cut a few times a day and viewed the video on the home page a handful of times. On July 11th, 2013 I registered with Giant Cinema and received a short welcome email containing an affiliate link. I did absolutely nothing with Giant Cinema.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the internet is full of get rich quick schemes and scams in general. Over the course of the last few months I’ve had co-workers try to sell me on actual scams like World Wide Ventures and the absolutely ridiculous Empower Network. For whatever the reason, I just couldn’t get Giant Cinema out of my mind. If it was a scam where were the over the top banners claiming that I would become rich beyond my wildest dreams? Why wasn’t Giant Cinema asking me for a one time low fee to get involved or some sort of monthly fee for the opportunity to market for them? If it was indeed a scam what would the purpose of the scam be? I can think of hundreds of ways that would be much easier to harvest email addresses if that was indeed the purpose.

On August 2nd, 2013 I fired off an email with my concerns via the contact form on The very next day I received an email back from Ross Callen, the owner of Giant Cinema, Inc. addressing all the concerns contained in my email. After receiving the email reply I still had an uneasy feeling. A few days later, August 5th, 2013, I emailed Ross asking him to call me. On the evening of August 7th, 2013 I received a call from Ross. I spent almost 3 hours on the phone with me discussing my concerns, his vision and a variety of subjects. After ending the call this feeling of pure excitement shot through my body. I ran into the living room, looked at my wife and started speaking so fast that she couldn’t understand half the words that were coming out of my mouth. On August 8th, 2013 I began promoting Giant Cinema. The question that you may be asking yourself is “Why did you decide to start promoting Giant Cinema? What did Ross say to you?” Out of respect for Ross I won’t disclose our personal conversation but I will tell you why I began to promote Giant Cinema.

1. I’ve always wanted to get involved with a start up company that has a unique niche. What exactly is the niche? Giant Cinema is sharing 10% of their revenue. Is this really a niche? 100% YES. Think of the major service providers in the streaming movie industry. Netflix, Block Buster on Demand, Hulu Plus, etc. all generate revenue but NONE of them share their revenue with their subscribers.

2. Affiliate marketing is nothing new and one of the best ways to earn an income from home. The Giant Cinema opportunity is their affiliate program. This is not some sort of MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company where Giant Cinema is going to pay you a 10% commission on the people you refer, 5% on the people they refer and 2% on the people that those people refer. What Giant Cinema is doing is paying a 10% commission on the people that you refer, nothing more nothing less.

3. The opportunity for monthly residual income. For every person that I refer who watches Giant Cinema I get a 10% each and every month. That’s right, each and every month. Not a one time wham bam thank you mam. Is this unique to the industry. YES! Netflix has an affiliate program where a person can refer another person into a free trial. If that person become a paying member at $9.95 a one time commission is paid. I don’t know what the commission is but even it were 20% why in the world would I want to promote them for a one time commission of $1.99 on for a customer that could make Netflix $117.89 a year?! Great deal for them but not so much for me.

4. No cost to get involved. 100% free to join and 100% free to promote. I have not spent one cent promoting Giant Cinema and am growing my sack of potatoes every day.

So the question remains, is Giant Cinema a scam or a legitimate opportunity? I hope you realize from the above that Giant Cinema is not a scam. However, let’s take a look at the opportunity. I will do this by asking you to remove Giant Cinema from your mind at this very moment. Instead I’m going to use Netflix to make my point. Netflix is a membership driven business model who charged $9.95 a month to stream movies from their library. Say that prior to Netflix launching they provided the opportunity for you to promote them with a promise of a 20% commission for each person that you referred to them and paid the $9.95 monthly membership fee each and every month that that person is a paying member. That referral would be worth $1.99 a month or $23.88 per year to you. How many members could you have referred to them? 100, 200, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000+? As Giant Cinema does not make any statements with regard to potential earnings I will choose to do the same. I will leave this to your imagination and a bit of research on your part. However, I will ask you to ponder the following question. Why would a person use his free time to refer over 400 people to Giant Cinema and create a blog if Giant Cinema were not a legitimate opportunity?

Better yet, feel free to give me a call at (716) 791-SPUD (7783). Keep in mind that Giant Cinema is a side business for me and I do work on a full time basis. However, if you don’t connect with me, leave me a voicemail and I will call you back.

23 thoughts on “Giant Cinema Review – Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

  1. Hi, I;m trying to get a feel of how this works. so I signed up. But, do I just try and get people to go to the site and sign up themselves. If they sign up is there going to be a fee to stream tv and movies? Are we selling a paid membership for a site that has not launched yet? How will this compare to netflix? When is the site suppose to launch? Are there coaches or people that can help along the way, for example avenues of getting people signed up?

    • Hey Matt,

      You can sign people up however you like. For example, send traffic to Giant Cinema through your affiliate link. You can simply provide people with your username and tell them to go to Giant Cinema to register and to enter your username when they do.

      Giant Cinema will be a platform for people who produce movies and shows or have the rights to certain movies and shows. They simply upload their movie/show and choose how much money they would like to generate per viewer. For example, I produced a movie. I upload my movie to Giant Cinema and would like to earn $10 for each person that watches my movie. The advertisers pay my fee through their commercials/ads and I make $10 for each person that watches my movie. Giant Cinema is always FREE. FREE to watch, register and promote.

      Giant Cinema will be launching in the upcoming months. With regard to coaches, I’ll be happy to help you in any way that I can. Feel free to email me or call me at anytime. I may not be able to respond right away but I will always respond at some point.

  2. I am curious…I went on the website for information and it says that I will be able to watch movies and tv..does that mean I will see regular programming like I have with my cable provider or is this just movies? Also, you are saying that the film people have to submit their movies for us to watch. So, all the movies I would normally see on Netflix or premium cable will be available to watch? Or will there be a small amount available until word gets out to film makers?
    I would love to cancel my cable subscription if I am able to have everything I have with my cable provider!


    • People that produce films and people who own the rights to various shows will be able to upload their content into the platform. We won’t know the type of programming that will be available until it launches but it’s 100% free. I would love to cancel my cable subscription as well so I can’t wait to find out what we can watch on Giant Cinema.

  3. So pretty much I have to upload my videos onto giant cinema and have people watch my videos? I make residual income through my downline as well? the amount of people I recruit? Thanks

    • No, Giant Cinema is not You Tube. Producers and people who own the rights to movies/shows upload their content to Giant Cinema. You earn a commission on the people you refer who watch the movies/shows through Giant Cinema.

    • The Beta platform will be going live on Saturday, January 11, 2014 meaning that films and shows will be able to start being uploaded on that date. I don’t know when we will all be able to log in and begin watching but I do not that we’re getting closer.

  4. I have registered, and tried to get their start up email sent to me as an affiliate, but i can not get the first email sent. Any suggestions. I have just recently sent them a note, haven’t given it much time for them to reply.
    Thanks, Joyce

    • The ISP may have blocked the confirmation email. I suggest opening a gmail or yahoo account and re-registering and it should work with no problem.

  5. In all the research I have yet to get the answer to 1 important question-
    When you refer these people to signup and they create an account, what is the fee they pay??

    • There is no fee as Giant Cinema is free. Once Giant Cinema launches when that person watches Giant Cinema you as the referring affiliate receive a 10% commission of the advertising revenue paid to Giant Cinema.

  6. would love to make a blog like this! awesome job my friend! could you make a vid? or have a talk with me so I can learn to blog and make a great article like this? thanks

    • Making a video would not be feasible there is too much information to cover. Feel free to call me and I’ll be happy to share any information that I can. I plan on writing an Ebook in the futre and upon completion will post it on the blog.

  7. Hello

    I would like to sign up to try giant Cinema. Can you please tell me how I can do that. I was on one site and it said I needed a referral. Is it up and running ?? Are we able to watch movies? It sounds really amazing. Thank you so very much.

    Denise Gordon

  8. So I saw an add on craigs for becoming a Movie reviewer. Sent in a request for more info on the opportunity and got an email back stating the position had been filled. But I was told they had something that would be a better fit for. In the email I received back was my user name and password for my Spud account. So I was “automatically” signed up as a Spud by this affiliate
    Ross Callen. Now I’m not here to knock Giant Spud but that was kind of like the old bait and switch dont you think? And you say its not like youtube, but its movies uploaded by “movie” makers? Im refferring people to sign up for something that I cant show them….content…videos…no programing at all. It sounds great but it kind of sounds like its going to be a lot of content the masses of people will pass on, unless I’m missing something?

    So will Giant cinema have Regular and by regular I mean Bulls games, The Walking, Scandal ect shows I’d see on HBO or NBC, and Block Buster movies with A list actors? Or will it be shows and movies produced by everyday people.?

    • I agree with the bait and switch tactic. This is something that I would never personally do. With regard to the programming that will be offered by Giant Cinema it is supposed to be similar to other streaming online movie services with the primary difference being that films that have been created and were unable to obtain distribution will now have an outlet for distribution. As time goes on I believe more mainstream content will be available. Giant Cinema is not meant to replace traditional programming but to provide people with a programming alternative at no cost much different than You Tube.

      As I tell everyone, you do not have to promote Giant Cinema at this time. People may simply wait until it launches. I choose to promote at this time as I prefer to get a jump start and register people prior to launch as I have already built a solid foundation of members. I hope I answered your question but if I did not please let me know.

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